Latest Mercer Grave Restoration Fundraising results

This site was formally launched on 18th May 2015, 200 years less one month from the anniversary of they Battle of Waterloo.

We’ve already made great progress towards our Initial Funding Target, thanks to the generous support of many organisations. You can find links to those organisations here.

Can you help us burst through this Target and then achieve our Maintenance Fund Target through buying books or donations here?

Amongst those supporting us recently were those forming the Cooper’s Waterloo Tours Waterloo 200 “I was there!” party whose generous book purchases, individual and group donations mean that we have now almost fully funded both the grave and signage. Here is Sophie Pochet of Martin’s Grand Hotel, Waterloo and Graeme Cooper receiving their books of Mercer’s wonderful paintings:

Optimized-DSC_1526 Optimized-DSC_1565

Here is the latest state of play (January 2016) showing the impact of those cumulative contributions:

Latest Fundraising Chart

Every £ really helps. Thank-you for your support.

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